Effective Body Composition Analysis in Ontario

There are many reasons that people choose to start working out to lose weight and all reasons are equally valid. Some might want to do it to make them feel good about their appearance while others do it to reap the health benefits that come with having lower body weight. Whatever the reason might be, it’s important that people find the best regimen that takes their bodies’ unique needs into account. At Betterbodyz, we offer body composition analysis in Ontario to help monitor the success of your workouts.

What exactly is Body Composition Analysis?

While there are many scientifically proven methods of losing weight via exercise and diet, it’s important for people to know which types would provide the best benefit over the shortest course of time. While two individuals can weigh exactly the same on a weighing scale, those numbers don’t take into account the proportion of fat, muscle, bone density, and a host of other factors. This means that if these two individuals were to undergo the same set of exercises and faithfully follow the same prescribed diet, they would still come out with two different results. The entire purpose of creating a regimen is to minimize any discrepancy between two practitioners and to help each individual get the best results relative to their unique needs and goals. We understand that your time & money are extremely important so we’ve gone the extra mile to bring you advanced body composition analysis in Ontario with the revolutionary BodPod. While measuring an individual’s Body Mass Index is the most common approach, it is also very inaccurate and is unable to measure many other factors, such as metabolism, energy levels, and more. With the BodPod, we can give you a more comprehensive overview of your physical health, allowing our team of fitness experts a more efficient way of crafting the right workout plan for you. This means that you can get results faster, understand your body's needs better, and exercise smarter. For a private consultation and to start your journey to a more efficient way of working out, contact our team at 416-399-8619 today.

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