Body Fat Analyzer

Many people wonder why there is a growing concern about measuring body fat, rather than just using weight or the body mass index (BMI), as their indicator for health and for progress in a training and/or nutrition program. The reason so many high-level trainers are having their clients measure body fat is to get a whole picture for what is going on inside their body. The gold standard body fat analyzer in the health and fitness industry - The Bod Pod - gives a client a comprehensive look at what’s really going on with their body, including:
  • How much body fat do they have?
  • How much Lean Body Mass (muscle, bone, etc.) do they have?
  • How many calories does their body need in order to just stay alive?
  • How many grams of protein does their body need in order to maintain or build muscle?
  • And more...
With this information, a good trainer can build a powerful program for any client. When they continue to measure body fat on an ongoing basis with the kind of accuracy you see with the Bod Pod, they are able to prove to their client that what they’re doing is working. The client can see the increases in muscle mass, and the decreases in body fat. On top of measuring the fat that is lost, when a client begins building muscle they also see an increase in their metabolism. They begin to learn how their body can work for them to burn the fat they don’t want, and maintain or build more muscle over time. This small but critical education element can radically change the results that a client sees over time, as they begin to understand how their body works. Eventually they realize they can achieve whatever result they want, as long as they’re following their program and consistently measuring progress with the Bod Pod. Whether you are retired, a stay at home mom, or an elite athlete, we all need to be measuring our body composition on a regular basis. At the end of the day, what gets measured gets improved. Only when we’re paying attention to our results can we know what’s truly working or what’s not. If we’re not getting the results that we want, we change our approach. If we’re seeing the right changes, we can continue doing what’s working. But without measuring our body fat and paying attention to results, we’re blind to what’s working or what’s not. Test your body composition today - Find your recipe for success!

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